High Quality Engineered Joists

Engineered timber joists continue to increase in popularity due to their strength, durability and reliability. They’re now the leading flooring method in modern constructions. Drawing on over 20 years of experience within the timber engineering industry, Shire Timber Group supplies high quality engineered I-joists and metal-web joists throughout the North of England, as well as premium flooring grade chipboard to complete the floor.

A Complete Range of I-joists, Metal-web Joists and More

We serve joist customers across the North of England. At Shire Timber Group we specialise in two kinds of engineered joists:

  • I-joists – Engineered I-joists are strong and are less likely to less likely to bow, twist or split when compared to traditional joists. As an engineered product it suffers virtually no shrinkage which results in a stable and squeak free floor.
  • Metal-web joists – Engineered metal web joists are simple to fit and install. While initially more expensive they can offer overall savings to your project due to the ease of which services (pipework, electrical cabling) can be run between the gaps in the webs.
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The Benefits of Choosing I-joists and Metal-web Joists

  • Lighter and more stable than conventional timber joists and with greater load-bearing capabilities
  • Predictable and consistent as they have less imperfections such as cracks, splinters and knots
  • They provide greater flexibility with building installations
  • Easy and quick to install because they’re light
  • Versatile and customisable so they fit a wide range of bespoke building projects
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly – they make use of materials that may have otherwise been discarded

Yorkshire’s Timber Engineering Experts

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience within the timber industry, the Shire Timber Group can offer expert advice on all matters of your engineered joist projects. From the design and supply of engineered I-joists, to metal-web joists either on their own or as part of a timber frame or roof package. We provide you with a quick and easy quote to make the process simple.

Contact our expert team to discuss the best engineered joists for your project. Phone 0113 2492120