Planed Timber, Skirting, Architrave & More

At Shire Timber Group we keep a huge range covering all the popular planed timber (PSE) sections. We also keep T&G timber flooring, small softwood mouldings as well as an extensive range of skirting and architrave in both softwood and MDF – all under one roof. At our timber merchant in Leeds we keep a huge variety of timber products in stock at all times. Making them available for collection from our large merchant site or for delivery directly to your door on our dedicated delivery vehicles. If you don’t see what you need below, give us a call, it’s likely that even if we don’t have it in stock we will be able to quickly source it for you.

Planed Timber in All Shapes and Sizes

We keep a wide range of sections and lengths of premium Swedish planed timber. In most cases we can match to your exact requirements. Below are our standard stock sections.

  • 22 x 25mm
  • 25 x 38mm
  • 22 x 50mm
  • 25 x 50mm
  • 22 x 75mm
  • 22 x 100mm
  • 22 x 125mm
  • 22 x 150mm
  • 25 x 175mm
  • 25 x 200mm
  • 25 x 225mm
  • 25 x 275mm
  • 38 x 50mmm
  • 38 x 100mm
  • 38 x 150mm
  • 38 x 225mm
  • 50 x 50mm
  • 50 x 75mm
  • 50 x 100mm
  • 50 x 150mm

All sizes are nominal sizes and are available in a spread of lengths.

pile of planks

Quality Skirting and Architrave

From our Leeds timber merchant we keep a range of high quality skirting board and architrave in both softwood and MDF. Our range of profiles includes:

  • Torus
  • Lambs Tongue
  • Ogee
  • Pencil Round
  • Chamfered

We can offer the above range in both high quality softwood and in MDF. MDF has increased in popularity over the last few years and is perfect for use when you need a uniform, stable material that is pre-primed for a paint finish. For a more traditional setting or for a varnish finish we still keep our whole range in top quality softwood.  Plus, we also keep MDF window board at a variety of sizes.

Floorboard, Cladding and Small Mouldings

While chipboard flooring has become the modern day material of choice, we still keep large stocks of both 22 x 125mm and 25 x 125mm planed, tongue and grooved (PTG) floorboard. We also keep a range of T&G claddings, including the traditional shiplap and more modern loglap cladding. We have an extensive range of small mouldings and beadings (scotia, angle bead and quadrant etc.) and keep both mopstick and sows ear handrail.


A Large Range of softwood Door Casings

We stock a wide selection of softwood door casings and a range of sizes. At Shire Timber Group’s merchant in Leeds, you can browse our range of carefully machined door casings that can be used for all manner of projects. Here are our stock sizes:

  • Ex 38x100mm Standard Internal (2’6” head)
  • Ex 38x100mm Standard Internal (2’9” head)
  • Ex 38x115mm Standard Internal (2’6” head)
  • Ex 38x125mm Standard Internal (2’6” head)
  • Ex 38x138mm Standard Internal (2’6” head)
  • Ex 38x138mm Standard Internal (2’9” head)
  • Ex 38x150mm Standard Internal (2’6” head)
  • Ex 63x100mm FD30 Casing Untrenched Head
  • Ex 63x138mm FD30 Casing Untrenched Head
  • Ex 63x150mm FD30 Casing Untrenched Head

Cheshire Mouldings Quality Stair Parts

We keep the most popular range of Cheshire Mouldings’ premium quality stair parts in stock, including newel posts, spindles, as well as hand and baserails. We also have the capability to order in any other of their products to our Yorkshire base or a destination of your choice, so just let us know what your project needs, and we can quickly source it for you – no problem at all.


Why not come and see the range of planed timber flooring and skirtings for yourself? Visit us at our timber merchant or contact us on today on