The Largest Structural Timber Stocks In Leeds

At Shire Timber Group, we’re your one-stop structural timber suppliers. We carry a wide stock of structural timber in Leeds. With large stock holdings you can be sure that we’ll have the timber and building materials that you need. We stock large section and long length timber at both C16 and C24 structural grades, along with both CLS timber and Tanalised treated timber. We also have a treatment tank on-site to offer any of our timber stocks fully preservative treated within an extra 24 hours.


Structural Timber – Standard Stock Sizes and Lengths

  • 25 x 50mm
  • 47 x 50mm
  • 47 x 100mm
  • 47 x 125mm
  • 47 x 150mm
  • 47 x 175mm
  • 47 x 200mm
  • 47 x 225mm
  • 47 x 300mm
  • 75 x 150mm
  • 75 x 175mm
  • 75 x 200mm
  • 75 x 225mm
  • 100 x 100mm
  • 100 x 300mm

Available in a spread of lengths from 2.4M up to 7.2M long depending on the section.
We can offer unseasoned, C16 or C24 structural grade depending on section.


High Quality CLS Timber

At Shire Timber Group, we stock the popular CLS timber. This is often used for stud walling or any application where a quality finish is required. Our CLS timber is C16 grade and is suitable for structural applications. It comes in a range of sections and lengths including:

  • 50 x 75mm CLS timber at 2.4m, 3.0m, and 4.8m lengths
  • 50 x 100mm CLS timber at 2.4m, 3.0m, and 4.8m lengths
  • 50 x 150mm CLS timber at 2.4m, 3.0m, and 4.8m lengths

We also offer 47 x 75mm, 47 x 100mm and 47 x 150mm Tanalised timber from stock or can offer any of our timber preservative treated from our on site treatment tank. We also keep 25 x 38mm and 25 x 50mm Tile Batten in the premium Swedish ‘A’ Grade.

View our extensive range for yourself and contact our friendly team of structural timber suppliers on