The Leading Roof Truss & Joist Supplier In The Yorkshire Region

At Shire Timber Group, we have more than 20 years’ experience supplying roof trusses and engineered floor, roof and metal-web joists. We have an industry leading reputation for reliability, quality and competitive pricing. Our workforce at our Leeds manufacturing facility is highly trained and we are committed to providing you with the best of service to make sure your building project is pain and hassle free.

Roof Trusses – The Best in Roof Structures for Over 50 Years

Trussed rafters, more commonly known as roof trusses, are essentially the framework for your building’s roof. Roof trusses are usually pre-fabricated, triangulated wooden structures that span the building’s width and occur at regular intervals. They don’t require supporting walls and therefore allow greater flexibility for your building’s interior wall placement. All trusses supplied by Shire Timber Group are precision engineered to ISO 9001 standards in our large Leeds factory.

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Manufacture, Supply and Fit of Roof Trusses

At Shire Timber Group, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with complete timber engineering solutions across Leeds, Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. From offering the supply and fit of roof trusses to engineering both I-joists and metal-web joists, we’ve got you covered.


The Benefits of Roof Trusses

  • Incredibly strong – engineered to never fail and last for decades
  • They can be custom built to any shape – even the most complex of roof shapes
  • They’re quickly constructed, supplied and fitted
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • The most cost effective roof structure solution

Why Shire Timber Group for Trusses and Joists?

We have been supplying the UK’s roof truss industry for over 20 years. We’ve designed and manufactured roof trusses and I-joists for thousands of projects, from housing to large care homes and hotels. All of our roof trusses are designed and made in-house at our large 80,000 sq. ft. Leeds factory.

Our on-site technical support team can produce large span roof trusses to over 15 metres. We take care of the structural calculations and can deliver the most cost-effective roof truss solutions, from a simple roof or attic truss to raised tie, scissor truss and more. We also offer:

  • Collateral warranty
  • A full on-site erection service
  • Delivery across the whole of the UK with our own fleet of delivery vehicles, including crane offload.
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